The resort is set on its own bay, with a sandy beachfront extending for over 3km. A few hundred meters away from the beach into the sea, an elongated coral reef extends parallel to the beach acting as a natural breakwater. Due to this rare formation, the bay is a vast quiet basin, with unlimited options for swimming, snorkelling and house reef diving.

Alongside the southern curve of the bay, wind conditions are favourable for Windsurfing and sailing.

World class diving sites are located in the vicinity of Lahami Bay, including the famous Fury Shoals, Dolphin  Reef, Zabargad Island, Rocky Island and St. John’s Reefs.


The nearest airports to Lahami Bay are: Marsa Alam Airport (185 km- 115 miles) Hurghada Airport (390 km- 250 miles) 

Several airlines operate direct flights from Europe to Marsa Alam Airport. 

The flight from Europe to Marsa Alam lasts 3.5-4 hours. From Marsa Alam airport the bus transfer to Lahami Bay takes less than two hours. 

Hurghada Airport is linked to European airports by many airlines. The flight from Europe is half an hour shorter. The bus transfer to Lahami Bay takes about 4 hours.


A hundred meters from the sandy beach, a large natural coral reef  extends in the sea parallel to the beach, acting as a natural breakwater.

Due to this rare formation, the Lahami bay is a very spacious, quiet pool, where hotel guests have all options of enjoying the sea, from swimming to snorkeling and diving on the house reef. Along the southern curve of the bay, the wind conditions are favorable for sailing and windsurfing.