Just a few hundred meters from the sandy beach, a large natural coral reef runs in the sea parallel to the beach, acting as a natural breakwater. Due to this rare formation, the Lahami-bay is a very spacious, quiet pool, where hotel guests have all kinds of opportunities: e.g. swimming, snorkeling and diving on the house reef. Along the southern curve of the bay, the wind conditions are favorable for sailing and windsurfing.


Directly facing the reefs of the Fury Shoals, Lahami Bay is by far the nearest resort to the world class diving highlights of the South Red Sea, including Zabargad island, Rocky island and St. John’s reefs.
Departing from the resort’s private marina, the fleet of quality diving boats of our Baracuda Diving Center – Lahami Bay can reach in 10 to 60 minutes over 40 pristine dive sites. Before the opening of Lahami Bay, those sites were reachable only by means of live aboard safari boats on lengthy trips. Among those dive sites, in the immediate vicinity of Lahami Bay are the renown reefs of Sataya, Malahi, Abu Galawa, Shaab Maksur, as well as several shipwrecks.

The Diving Centre is run by trained and highly certified staff. Top quality standards are employed regarding organization, equipment
and operational procedures.

Diving Courses according to PADI and CMAS qualifications are available, in addition to Technical Diving instruction and Nitrox Diving. Courses for children as of age 8 are available. The Diving Centre is known for its solid level of professionalism and lively international atmosphere.


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Lahami Bay House Reef is in itself a diving destination. Starting less than a hundred meters from the beach, countless coral barriers, patches and pillars at depths from 15 to 60 meters extend into the sea in kilometre long formations. This unique house reef system offers unlimited possibilities for daytime, early morning and night diving, either directly from the beach, or by means of designated small house reef boats. 


Whether a beginner or a more experienced windsurfer, the vast protected coral free basin of Lahami Bay, together with excellent wind patterns, offer some of the finest conditions for windsurfing on the Red Sea. 

The Windsurfing Centre is situated to the south of the resort on its own stretch of  beach. All equipment is top quality and maintained to the highest standards, including Naish windsurf boards as well as Neilpryde Sails.